grappling during a pandemic

As of this writing, we are approaching one year of Covid-10 global pandemic. This pandemic has severely affected life as we've known it and hasn't been seen in such magnitude since the 1918 Spanish Flu. Businesses, economies, health have all been impacted. Proximity has been the primary spreader of the virus and as such, grappling (and clubs/schools) have shut down with training brought to a standstill for many.

That being said, there are ways of training solo. In 2009, I demo'd a grappling dummy video that was, at times, criticized because there was no human partner---just a dummy. The whole notion behind a grappling dummy is much like a boxer/kickboxer training on punching bags, thai bags, speed bags, and any other device that allows full range striking. A grappling dummy allows for full range DRILLING.

During a global pandemic, your grappling does not necessarily have to be shut down while waiting this thing out. Get a grappling dummy---any will do. Continue training.