It Isn’t Just About STUDYING.. It’s Also About APPLYING

One of the many things that appealed to me about Satanism is the concept of study (not worship).  Many of us who were drawn to it discovered we’d already been employing many of the concepts, already, but did not have a focal point to guide them.

I find universal truth is often replicated elsewhere.  Using The Scientific Method, one can easily prove the positive correlation of a thing by having others test on their end and come to the common same result.  Having typed all of that, I find the principles of Satanism are universally true and can be applied to anything.  Here is my proof.


This is where it begins and ends—an endless loop.  Below, is a snapshot of my physical print collection:


I also find it’s equally important to look at similar viewpoints—and even opposite viewpoints—for comparative analysis’ sake.  Also included in my collection (particularly, in e-book format) are various occult-themed non-fiction titles:


It doesn’t END here, however.  This is an important item (at least, for me).


After graduating high school, I skipped a few years but dove back into college and never seemed to stop.  In fact, I don’t plan to stop until I graduate with a PhD in Information Technology (Security/Data Analytics) in 2021.  In my profession, certification is an important and constant gauge for continuous improvement/self-development, as well.



In the technical field, there is a need  for constant learning, so I’ve learned/applied quite a few disciplines like web design/development, ethical hacking, auditing, compliance, security, data analytics, SQL, servers, etc..



Below, is a road map from entry level occupation to the point where I’m at, now.  It didn’t involve competing with others but was rooted solely in self-competition and an insatiable drive to move ever forward and upward.  When I hear things like “we’ve never seen documentation like that before” or “how did you get metrics for your team?” or “I’d like your help in organizing this group” or “that’s a great idea!” I know I’m on a growth-path that’s taking things to another level wherever I go:




There is little need in keeping things contained or marginalized.  The concept of continuous imitation, innovation, and improvement can extend to hobbies and side-projects as well.  Illustration is something I do on-the-side and have published work at conventions and online (Amazon).  The application of aesthetics doesn’t just have to extend to the body but in what can be produced, as well:


I learned by imitating specific artists I greatly admired like Boris Vallejo, Alex Ross, and Michael Turner (especially, lately).  I’ve been illustrating since age three and never stopped.  Below, are snapshots of typical drawings I do while traveling (plane or boat).


Writing Publications

Below, is a snapshot of work I’m immensely proud of.  I’ve published 3 of 4 e-books (on Amazon) and maintain a blog about Autism Spectrum Disorder (I’m diagnosed) and having studied everything I possibly could about it.  When I have other people who either have someone who is—or they, themselves—are on The Spectrum—tell me that it’s helped them cope and learn more about this thing, that is payment in many ways all on its own.


Martial Arts

I started training in 1988 as a kid and never stopped, since.  I’ve had the honour of training with a few well-established coaches/instructors in their fields.  My father and I opened our own school in Albuquerque, NM, and I still teach on-the-side and maintain a fairly popular YouTube channel.  I find that maintaining mind-and-body (balance) keeps confidence and empowers the desire to do more in all other aspects of my life.


Extended Learning

Singing courses (Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy) – I have no interest in singing for anyone else but myself.  I just wanted to better understand concepts like “octave” and “vibrato” and “range” and “projection” and “head voice” or “mixed voice.”  I wanted to better understand how some of my favourite vocalists did what they do.


Piano (self-taught) – I didn’t really care about playing for anyone else, but I wanted to better understand the concepts of “keys” and “half notes” and “flat” and “sharp” and “octave.”

Klingon (self-taught) – I love Star Trek, and the Klingon language appealed to me, so I had to buy the dictionary and the DVD tutorials.


Willpower and Survival

I was born with numerous health challenges (extreme anemia, underweight, ASD, significant muscle weakness) and contended with challenges later as an adult (survived a heart attack in 2003 while driving on a freeway).. only to force myself to come out much, much stronger (even physically).

Love for Life and Its Pleasures (Carnal)

Why bother doing these things if not for the JOY of doing them? I enjoy movies and music and toys and comic books—a good tequila, pizza, and hotdogs—the company of small-circle friends.  I could care less what others think about that.  This, in itself, is an important lesson.


An ironic challenge in all of this is in not being an arrogant prick about any of it.  Hence the need for self-challenge, self-growth, and self-appeasement.  Others may follow along the same path, they may have compliment or be influenced by this, as a result.

Continuous learning and constant study need not be limited to just ONE thing or ONE source but can be extended to MANY subjects and aspects of life.  Take Satanic concepts and apply them everywhere, and you may very well find that they’ve been a part of your life, all along.

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