Spectrum Photographs – How I View The World Around Me

I recently came back from a short trip that passed through Los Angeles, CA to Sequoia National Park and King’s Canyon.  I’ve never experienced nature such as this.  I’ve never seen anything as overwhelming (in a GOOD way for a change) as these two parks.  I was SAD to leave.  Below, are my favourite photos I took during the trip.  How does someone On The Spectrum view natural (and a few human-made) surroundings? Like this:

20180703_171615 20180630_162939 20180701_001746 20180701_205525 20180701_211005 20180702_140803 20180702_141024 20180702_141345 20180703_130023 20180703_154531 20180703_154600 20180703_154704 20180703_155229 20180703_155232

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