Panspermia Theory

A few years before I even learned the term, I was watching a documentary about comets and how they contain the building blocks of life, frozen within their husks, and if passing by a warm body (e.g. an atmosphere or a star), particles break off and potentially float into the atmospheres of other planets.

I instantly pictured THIS:


To me, a comet looks like a sperm.  A planet looks like an egg.  If a sperm can seed an egg, thus creating life, then it is representationally-logical to me that a comet could do the same thing to a fertile planet.  The result of non-fertilization would be apparent in a barren planet as it would in a barren egg.

I was absolutely fascinated by the imagery, and it simply remained there until I came upon the term Panspermia.  Come to find out, there are others who theorize the same concept.

The entire theory puts the entire Universe in a completely different perspective.

I’ve always envisioned the Universe as something greater but still representational of the things on Earth.  I still am partial to the Universe being one big BRAIN—which would alter the Panspermia theory and make comets and planets the synapses of firing neurons, possibly.

Crazy theories, sure; but, they’re no more or less crazy than the countless mythological and theological beliefs we’ve been through in the past.  No matter what is truth VS fantasy, ours is still the musings of a microbe contemplating the nature of vastness—and it’s FASCINATING.

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