My Special Interest With Patterns, Data, and Analytics..

I’ve mentioned in my primary site that one of my strengths is being highly VISUAL.  I can see complex patterns in many things, break them down into categories/sub-categories, and analyze common traits, dissimilar traits, and conduct comparative analysis, root-cause analysis, historical analysis, and even forecasting (to an available extent).

Here are some of the things I’ve taken an analytical fascination with:work_projects work_projects_1graph_ex
These examples are how my analytical-visual strengths serve me well in the workplace, especially in regards to Project Management and Productivity tracking.

I manage my requests and projects—tracking ETA, budget, demand source, duration, scope creep, resources, etc.  This is how I am able to manage my demand time, incidentally.  If I treat my workload like a project, I can see it through without unnecessary delay.

In previous jobs, I managed data analytic and reporting teams, and analytics helped drive the business toward success as we were able to provide the businesses with an actual VISUAL representation of how they were doing, where they’ve been, and where they were going.  We made use of incredibly fun tools such as Business Objects, Crystal Reports, Xcelsius, etc.

Psychosomatic muscle pain tracking

Regarding Autism Spectrum Disorder and my self-research phase, I began tracking associative muscle pains (psychosomatic).  I wanted to find a pattern, and thanks to data analytics, I was able to do so—I was able to determine that, every time I socialize—without any kind of self-stimulating/medicating compensatory mechanism—I would start experiencing muscle pains throughout specific locations in my body.  I wanted to know if I was experiencing these pains due to medication side-effects or some kind of potential degenerative muscle or bone disease or a bad exercise practice I was engaged in.  I needed to find the true root-cause.

Tracking data measuring my routine eating habits


Also, prior to my official/formal diagnosis, I was gathering data on my routine/repetition tendencies, knowing full well that I was a highly routine-based individual, but I wanted to know just how repetitive I was about everything.

I downloaded and analyzed my spending habits against FOOD.  I knew I was routine-based regarding my diet, but I didn’t realize just how routine-based I was until I started tracking it.

To simply attempt to recall an act is one thing—often with certain inaccuracies.  To obtain factual data as proof of an act—that is the essence of truth.  After compiling these items, I started tracking my other repetitive routines and started to become self-conscious about them until I learned that autistic folks do this for the sake of it—this is a natural tendency and is perfectly normal (to us, anyway).  This is how we cope in an otherwise non-copeable world.

Pattern tracking data compilation of my music listening habits

I already shared this on my primary site under the symptoms section, but there really isn’t anything in my life that isn’t governed by a routine of some kind.  Even music is adhered to.  I can’t listen to cross-genre music.  It has to be genre-to-genre and sub-genre to sub-genre.  There is an actual duration (or threshold) to my listening experience.  I downloaded my listening/music purchasing history and started grouping categories together.. then calculated duration.. I was able to calculate my average listening duration by genre as 26 days.  In other words, I will listen to, say, Grunge Rock for an average of 26 days—and absolutely nothing else until I’ve reached my threshold for that genre, then it’s time to switch to a different genre.

No data is safe with me—I will analyze it if it catches my interest.  Here, I wanted to track my favourite Christmas program, A Christmas Carol (or Scrooge) and the variations from one version to another.  Why? Because that’s what we do.  We love doing it.  This isn’t punishment or self-punishment—we love it as much as someone not on the autism spectrum loves playing video games or reading George RR Martin books. I’ve also done comparative analyses in Catch-as-Catch-Can Wrestling, cost calculators, and online psychological self-test results.

Comparitive Analysis between different Scrooge and A Christmas Carol versions





Made for WalMart at Electronic Arts a tool that helps users calculate box sizes and quantities for pre-planning orders and inventory
Data I compiled from various test sources comparative analysis for this very website and my original self-diagnosis
Catch Wrestling statistical comparative analysis across multiple MMA fighters I did for a CACC website

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