My Fascination With Car Spacing at Traffic Lights

So, a couple of years ago, I began to notice a strange trend drivers were engaged in: leaving 1.5 to 2 full car lengths between themselves and the car in front of them.

Why are they doing this?  Don’t they realize they’re actually causing more trouble for the cars that are further back and may be stuck in an intersection?

I had to capture it and analyze it.  After all, that’s what “Aspies” like me do.

My conclusion is that most (not all) of the drivers who leave an excessive amount of space between themselves and the car in front of them is due to cellphone usage (e.g. texting or browsing or playlist shuffling or..).  That result is an easy one to explain.  I can’t explain the other group that is consciously leaving that amount of space—looking straight ahead and seemingly aware of what they’re doing.  Why???

Below, are my compilation of drivers caught in-the-act—they are STOPPED—the traffic is NOT in motion during these pics.

20170109_134004 copy 20170210_173831 copy 20170210_173833 copy 20170120_112320 copy 20170210_173835 copy 20170307_173813 copy 20170329_125909 copy 20170405_173542 copy 20170409_175105 copy 20170420_092710 copy 20170426_095808 copy 20170515_172524 copy 20170329_125906 copy 20170526_110647 copy 20170719_141956 copy 20170719_142011 copy 20170720_173100 copy 20170724_134627 20170728_185834 20170728_185844

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