“Hello There” ~ Obi Wan Kenobi

Black clouds fill my head… dark thoughts drown my ears… numb is all I feel… peer through the mirror to watch the world .. who is in reverse… who travels forward when all else is sideways…

My name is Eric, and I have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

I’m also a Cybersecurity Manager, a former Information Technology Director, Manager, Supervisor and have been in the IT field for 16+ years.

I’m also a published artist/illustrator (drawing since age three) and author.

I’ve also been in Martial Arts since 1988.

For a clear definition of what ASD is, click here.  I was diagnosed as an adult but lived with this blessing-curse since early childhood. It’s my hope to share my experiences and give a peek into my mind. It’s my intent to not just TELL you what it’s like being “on The Spectrum” but to SHOW you what it’s like.

It’s my goal to help contribute to an “invisible” group of people who are, like myself, “on The Spectrum” by educating others about this unique blessing-curse we are each born with.

I’m publishing a series of books (e-book and print) on this subject.  Click the thumbnails, below, to visit my Amazon store:

on the spectrum vol 1
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on the spectrum vol 2
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on the spectrum vol 4
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