DNA Inherited memory?

As I have continued tracing my family lineage and DNA ancestry, something occurs to me: we know how much physical trait is passed on genetically, but how much psychological trait is passed on genetically?

I have a propensity toward many things British for some reason I could not explain until I started tracing my lineage and DNA. I use the Oxford 'u' in many of my words. I love British humour above all others. I trained in Lancashire-Wigan-style Catch-as-Catch-Can Wrestling for some reason. Some of the verbiage I use even while speaking and pronouncing tends to be a bit British. Why?

I have a love for German music (Rammstein and Megaherz, especially) and the German language. I have a lean toward Norwegian and Scandinavian mythology and culture. Why?

Environmentally and culturally-speaking, I should be far more Southwestern as I am from The Southwest United States. Whereas, I do have sprinklings of Native American lineage and DNA, it isn't significant enough to influence me nearly as much as the more predominant DNA inheritance I have---which happens to fit my preferences.

I have some friends who whole-heartedly believe in reincarnation. Reincarnation is the belief that each person comes from another, past life, sometimes separated by hundreds of years. Reincarnation---to them---explains why people have certain, specific preferences toward clothing, music, travel locations, food, mates among a host of other items. Although, I do not have a common-frame of reference to go by, my biggest argument against reincarnation is math. Something cannot come from nothing. If our population is 7.7 billion, today, where did those past lives originate from? Just 100 years ago, we were at 1.8 billion people. Where did those people originate from? This simple math problem removes reincarnation from the explanation equation entirely.

I propose a different influencer, altogether---a scientific one. I propose certain preferences are actually inherited through DNA and are genetic as opposed to solely being environmentally and culturally-influenced.
Science and geneticists have proven those of us who have that approx. 1% Neanderthal DNA have certain traits as a result: straight hair, lack of fear of heights, sneezing while eating chocolate, etc.. During Winter my hair turns very dark during Summer my hair turns very light and blondish streaks in some areas. I hate most colours and prefer black---why?
How much of our genetic "memory" has little to do with our upbringing? How much of our psychological preference and tendency is actually much deeper and older than our very birth?

Below, is a slideshow comparing my DNA percentages to my traits, preferences: