My start in anything technical began in 1997 after purchasing a WebTV (set top box). We WebTV users didn't have a hard drive to download contents on, so we had to write code down and use 3rd party viewer tools such as and hand-key everything (it was rough in those days, little Billy). I've designed and developed several websites for clients since then (internal web portals for Electronic Arts, AmberisourceBergen Specialty Group; external sites for businesses like Louisville Lumber and concept design for Hartman Dental). I've also done website repairs for companies like King Southern Bank, King & Company CPA and SportsSquares, to name a few.

This site was hand-coded after the first iteration in WordPress crashed after failed updates to this host server (not mine). It's obvious to me that this host server doesn't support WordPress very well because specific version updates and plugin updates break it every time. I believe it has to do with WRITE permissions to the sub-directories, regardless of the FTP file and folder permissions given by the developer---and this host server doesn't support it fully.

I went back to my roots and hand-coded this entire website the way I wanted it in the first place and not be limited to templates. That also means I chose to make a parallel mobile site just for mobile phone browsers (pads and higher see the standard site version). The only thing that is NOT hand-coded is my BLOG section. I took a chance and re-activated WordPress just for that---if it crashes again, I won't be as impacted.