About Eric

Greetings! My name is Eric, obviously. Welcome to my site. I am from the United States. I've spent most of my life training in one Martial Art or another. I've been illustrating since the age of 3. I've survived a few health-threatening situations (that include a heart attack in 2003). I was also born with the blessing-curse of Autism Spectrum Disorder (High Functioning). I've published several books on ASD. I've published several coloring books. I've also published analytical books regarding patterns, root-cause analysis, vocal analysis, and symbolism. I host two YOUTUBE channels dedicated to Martial Arts and all other things analytics and art/vocals/music-related. Lastly, I host a page dedicated to COVID-19 analysis and statistics with special emphasis on Throughput Models and Forecasting Models that I'm writing my dissertation on.

Education Backround

2018-2021 - PhD Information Technology - (in progress - starting dissertation)

2010-2011 - Master of Science Managing Information Technology

2007-2009 - Bachelor of Science Information Technology

1995-1999 - Associate's of Arts and Sciences Criminal Justice

2020 - CBFI Certified (Banking) Forensics Investigator - SBS Institute

2020-2021 - CBEH Certified (Banking) Ethical Hacker - SBS Institute

Professional Background

2019-Current: Cyber Security Operations Manager (Healthcare)

2013-2019: Information Technology Director/Cyber Security Specialist (Finance)

2007-2013: Information Technology Supervisor/Manager (Healthcare)

2001-2007: Process Assurance Supervisor (Gaming)

Martial Arts Background

2014 - BJJ/Gracie Combatives (Scott Smith, Louisville, KY)

2010 - Catch-as-Catch-Can Wrestling (Billy Robinson/Jake Shannon, Salt Lake City, UT)

2009 - BJJ (Travis Gutknecht/Michael Neal, Louisville, KY)

1993 - Submission Grappling (Guardian Angels Safety Alliance, Denver, CO)

1992 - Ving Tsun Gung Fu, Judo, Submission Grappling (Brian Anastasio, Albuquerque, NM)

1990 - NHB/MMA/JKD/Gung Fu/Hinzman's Fighting Arts (Don Hinzman, Phoenix, AZ)

1990 - Aikido (Mike Guthrie, AZ Aikikai, Phoenix, AZ)

1988 - Kajukenbo, Judo, Air Force Combatives (Kim David, Albuquerque, NM)

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