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I suppose a website that is named after one's self is meant to be somewhat pretentious..

I was born in Albuquerque, NM and moved to Louisville, KY. Despite all odds, I've managed to live a somewhat interesting life---I suppose. I've spent most of my life training in one Martial Art or another. I've been illustrating since the age of 3. I've survived a few life-threatening situations and came out the better for having done so. I was also born with the blessing-curse of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Fortunately, I'm very high functioning, so I've learned how to make the most of its strengths (my affinity for patterns, in particular). I've published several books on ASD and several coloring books. Lastly, I've managed to climb my way up the education ladder and am currently working on a PhD in Information Technology, which also happens to be my profession.

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