about eric

I suppose a website that is named after one's self is meant to be somewhat pretentious..

I was born in Albuquerque, NM and moved to Louisville, KY. Despite all odds, I've managed to live a somewhat interesting life---I suppose. I've spent most of my life training in one Martial Art or another. I've been illustrating since the age of 3. I've published several books on ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), patterns, and symbolism. I've published several coloring books. I also publish under a pseudonym. I love music, movies, science fiction, classic horror, goth, and Halloween. Lastly, I've managed to climb my way up the education/corporate ladder and attained a PhD in Information Technology, which also happens to be my profession, specializing in Cyber Security and Data Analytics. Lastly---and most recent---I am a musician specializing in ambient (drone) music.

List of Life Accomplishments

Dissertation: "Evaluating the Impact of Metric-based Security Tools on Company Performance and Decision-making."

2019 - became (IT) Security Operations Manager (after 6 months)

2018 - became (IT Security Engineer Specialist (healthcare industry)

2013 - became IT Manager/Director (banking industry)

2012 - became IT Supervisor/Manager (healthcare industry)

2006 - became (IT) Process Assurance Supervisor (gaming industry)


2023 - PhD, Information Technology

2011 - MS, Managing Information Technology

2009 - BS, Information Technology

1999 - AAS, Criminal Justice


2023 - LSSBB (SGGI candidate)

2023 - ISACA CISM (candidate)

2023 - IANS Executive Competencies (certified)

2021 - ISACA Membership 1397448

2021 - CITI Certificate 42575501 (Soc & Beh Research)

2024 - SBFI Forensics Investigator (certified SBS Institute)

2024 - SBEH Ethical Hacker (certified SBS Institute)


Philosophical Influences

Lao Tzu

J Krishnamurti RIP 2/17/1986

Bruce Lee RIP 6/20/1973

Anton LaVey RIP 10/29/1997

Mark Twain RIP 4/21/1910

Winston Churchill RIP 1/24/1965

George Carlin RIP 6/22/2008


Artistic Influences

Anne Rice RIP 12/11/2021

Michael Turner RIP 6/27/2008

Boris Vallejo

Bob Ross RIP 7/4/1995

Alex Ross

George Perez RIP 5/6/2022

Oliviel Coipel

Herge' RIP 3/3/1983

John Buscema RIP 1/10/2002

Byron David RIP

Tangerine Dream RIP 1/20/2015 (Edgar Froese)

Mark Snow