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Behold the leaf.. at mercy to the breeze.. subject to the ground.. victim to whim..

My Illustration Gallery

This is one of my lifelong special interests. I started illustrating when I was between 1 and 3 years-old. I never stopped. I use it for two purposes: 1) as a side profession and 2) as a coping mechanism (aka "stimming"). Below, is my actual gallery, and my store links are above. I was actually talked into selling my illustrations only recently as I normally give them away. It's quite ironic that I published coloring books since I have NO appreciation for, much less pay focus towards COLOR. I primarily only "see" black, white, and grey (side appreciation for chrome, however). My primary influences (e.g. people who's styles I've IMITATED over the years): Boris Vallejo, Michael Turner, Alex Ross, Olivier Coipel, John Buscema, Herge', and George Perez.